believed to be King Tutankhamun’s father

This is the place where Akhenaten, believed to be King Tutankhamun’s father, built a temple to his own religion, thought to be the world’s first monotheistic faith. The Hypostyle Hall was decorated by Ramesses II, the pharaoh often associated with the Biblical Exodus. One of the Karnak gates is engraved with references to another pharaoh whose exploits may also be chronicled in the Bible: Shoshenq I, whose military conquests took him as far as today’s Israel..

Marble Slab Fruits of the season also are great choices. “If you have a basic vanilla cake recipe or one with fruit, you can switch it up,” Perelman said. “If you use peaches in the summer, use apples or pears in the fall. Hillary Clinton aggressive immigration push is putting the White House in a bit of an awkward position, The New York Times notes. Airstrikes began against ISIS. Keep an eye on the Senate floor this morning, where Sen. Marble Slab

Granite slab Homegrown Brewing Company, recent addition to the Oxford area, is touted as a brew house but serves food that cannot be ignored. The focused menu with its well executed recipes contains standard dishes as well as tasty specialties based upon a farm to table philosophy. In season food is locally sourced from the restaurant farm neighbors. Granite slab

Granite Countertop A further study would be to exactly emulate each of the stone layers by a dedicated printed layer height. This may be possible by editing the GCODE such that the layer thickness changes during the print. I feel that the project succeeded in using the FFF drawbacks to give an authentic and textured surface that corresponds with the actual appearance of the Pyramid of Cheops.. Granite Countertop

Marble Tile Donations of new toys are accepted at 13abc at 4247 Dorr Street. Toys will be accepted at all Vito’s Pizza locations and Salvation Army offices. Major Kelly is optimistic that with the help of the community “we are certain that together we will provide not just toys, but hope for a brighter holiday for every family in need.”. Marble Tile

slate flooring tiles A very large family room presents a vaulted wood clad ceiling with skylight and ceiling fan, and a stone wall featuring a woodstove. This convivial space adjoins the kitchen and offers a pass through for entertaining. In the gourmet kitchen, special features include granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, richly toned wood cabinetry, a roomy dining area and storage pantry.. slate flooring tiles

Nano stone “I was told it would be best to devote my energies to something more productive,” recalled Ellis, who left the Senate last year when he was elected to the Harris County Commissioners Court. “So I started pushing for a memorial to honor African American history in Texas. And 26 years later, I succeeded.”. Nano stone

Marble Countertop It’s an ideal kitchen for cooking, and within the center island is a wine unit, additional electrical outlets, and both trash and recycling bins.”The original kitchen had a wall between the kitchen and breakfast room, but that’s gone now. The kitchen also opens into the dining area. The breakfast room features a copa shell chandelier over a round glass table with two yellow modern chairs and a window seat. Marble Countertop

travertine flooring tiles Located at 456 Charlotte St., just north of the Masonic Temple in the Cass Corridor, it Marble Slab will be the first ever taproom outside the Grand Rapids based brewery’s headquarters. It’s expected to employabout 100 people, primarily local residents, with construction under way. A job fair was held in September, but the company remains mum about theopening date.. travertine flooring tiles

Granite Tile The basement where Acme Visual Arts makes its home is raw, with bare stone walls on three sides, a toilet hidden behind a curtain, and colored pieces of carpet puzzled together on the floor. In one corner of the room, a diminutive raised stage is half hidden behind a red velvet curtain. In another corner, a small wet bar juts out slightly from the wall.. Granite Tile

Artificial Quartz stone The drill core penetrated a circle of mountains, known as a peak ring, in Mexico’s buried Chicxulub crater. Only the largest impacts are powerful enough to form peak rings. Understanding how these mountains formed at the 200 kilometre wide Chicxulub could help to reveal how cosmic collisions shaped other bodies, such as the Moon and Venus Artificial Quartz stone.